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Bat4Africa is a non-profit project raising money for Street Child Africa.  The bats will be on sale until late 2013, after which all profit earned from the project will be donated to the charity.  We estimate this will translate into at least £80 per bat sold. 

"In Zambia £80 could pay for the shoes, a uniform and school bag  for three former street children to go to school"


On other bats, this margin is used to pay inflated endorsement deals to international cricketers; Bat4Africa uses it to help children living on the street in Africa


The bats are of the highest quality; however the project is unaffiliated with any existing cricket brand.




Street Child Africa 

A message from the charity:

"Join our appeal to help make sure that street children are not alone and frightened on the streets of Africa.

For every Bat for Africa sold at least £80 will be given to Street Child Africa so that street children are not alone and have an opportunity to be safe, learn and find joy again. When you purchase your ‘Bat4Africa’ you will helping us to make this happen.  

Street Child Africa steps in to support children who are on their own. Children on the streets are vulnerable with no shelter and no responsible adult to help.  Most have escaped to the streets because of extreme poverty, serious illness or death of a parent and family breakdown.

On the streets, children have no-one to turn to. This is where Street Child Africa steps in offering the support of a responsible adult in their lives to give guidance, hope, security and most importantly a future."

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